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Experience the Power of Play

Adulting is hard, and it’s easy to lose your way when striving for lofty goals in your business. But, you can beat burnout, squash quiet quitting, and avoid creating a toxic hustle culture.

Unleash your inner child and watch productivity soar! Neuroscience proves that happy brains learn faster and are more flexible and resilient. Harvard Business Review reports that happy people are 31% more productive and have 37% higher sales.

On the flip side, high-stress cultures can make employees 10-15 IQ points dumber. But stats are boring so get ready for an engaging demonstration filled with games, trivia, and physical challenges. Don't miss your chance to experience the business benefits of incorporating play into the workplace that will recharge you to keep pursuing your culture change!

In this interactive playshop, you will learn how Playful Humans succeed through fun, flow and fulfillment!

Inject 5CCs of fun into your company culture!

Our team-building playshops are perfect for happy hours, retreats, conference energizers, and bonding with new team members or clients.

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Today, we play.

Beat Burnout & Boredom

The Playful Humans Club is a community of adults rediscovering the power of play and encouraging each other to wholeheartedly express our inner child's playfulness for more fun, flow, and fulfillment in our lives and career.

If you are tired of wasting your time, numbing yourself with TV, drugs, and alcohol, or you are ready to get off the gerbil wheel of an unfulfilling career, then come play with us!

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Awaken Your Inner Child!

Make Every Day More Fun

Learn how to incorporate more play in to your life and career with our fun Playful Personality Quizzes!

Did you know there are 10 ways play can transform your day? How close to burnout are you? Is your brain rare or well-done? Learn how to level up by living it up and give your inner child the hug it has been waiting for...

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Our mission..

We take play seriously!

We're on a mission to help serious folks unleash their inner goofball and rediscover the joys of play! Our goal is to give you permission to let loose and be your awesomest, most playful self. So let's get silly and make some magic happen!

Science shows that playful humans are more happy, healthy, productive, and more successful, so why not join the fun?

We take fun so seriously, it's practically our full-time job, but not yet! Please help us keep the party going...

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