We play well with others! Please help support the Playful Humans mission and our partners so we can continue to help other adults rediscover the power of play.

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Give your employees and clients access to any and all live events throughout the U.S. through Benetix’s experiential rewards program!

One-of-a-Kind Rewards Program

Give away tokens as awards or rewards that can be claimed for any event in the US: concerts, sports, comedy or theater!

Incredible Experiences

78% of millennials prefer experiences! Let your employees or clients choose the event of their dreams.

Easy Admin & Return Policy

Your tokens can be claimed or exchanged for any event at any time. Just choose another event in the portal!

Linq Digital Business Cards

Tap or scan a digital card or bracelet to share your contact information directly to any phone… They don’t even need the app!

Playful Humans