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Are you tired of the same old boring corporate events? Well, fear not, because Playful Humans is here to spice things up. Our playshops are not only educational, but also super fun and entertaining!

Whether you're looking for live or virtual team building playshops, happy hour shenanigans, or mind-blowing keynote speeches, we've got you covered. Why settle for a snoozefest when you can have a blast with Playful Humans?

The Playful Humans Experience

What to Expect?

Get ready for an event that's more fun than a barrel of monkeys and more useful than a Swiss Army knife! You'll get juicy insights and success principles of top-performing teams that you won't find anywhere else.

And don't worry, this won't be some boring sales pitch. Nope, our presentations are as playful as our message with interactive games and audience participation. Plus, we've got a pro speaker who's comfy in his skin and knows how to entertain an audience.

You can trust us to bring the energy of your event to a whole new level!

We can customize any topic to fit your needs, or you can...

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The Playful Humans Experience

Rediscover the power of play and watch productivity soar! Neuroscience proves that happy brains learn faster and are more flexible and resilient. Harvard Business Review reports that happy people are 31% more productive and have 37% higher sales. On the flip side, high-stress cultures can make employees 10-15 IQ points dumber. Learn the benefits of incorporating play into the workplace in this game show style playshop!

Guts & Humor: The Keys to Authentic Conversations

Chatbots and AI can’t match the power of your creativity and ingenuity unless you choose not to use it. Learn how to read the room and know when to break the rules to foster stronger bonds and better cultures with more honest conversations. This humorous, real-world approach to difficult topics empowers professionals to greatly improve their life and career with more strategies for better and more real workplace communication.

Creative Nerdery: Powerful Personal Branding

Awakening your inner child and discovering your personal brand so you can express your creativity and stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, when pursuing lofty goals, we lose our creativity, passion, and sense of humor. We round off our edges and play it safe. If you are ready to get weird and win doing it, you will learn proven strategies and tactics for being more authentic, original, and awesome that will help you get to the top and stay there!

The Power of a Keynote
with the Energy of a Game Show!

Your Host and MC...

Mike Montague

Mike Montague is a game show host, public speaker, podcaster, and writer at Playful Humans. He has been a radio DJ, karaoke host, virtual game show host, MC, and DJ for live events including opening for Billy Idol, Frankie Valli, Toby Keith's Bar & Grill, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

He has hosted game shows for Meta, Google, Hanes, Subway, T-Mobile, Express and many more. He has done sales training for Uber, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and other Sandler clients from around the world. And, he has delivered presentations at the biggest events, including Hubspot Inbound, ATD, Vistage Chairworld, Sandler Summit, and many more!

His podcasts have over 3 Million total downloads!

Learn more about Mike!
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Adults need play too!

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Help your team, members, or audience go from burned out to fired up! Playful Humans will engage, entertain and inspire your group in a live or virtual experience. Mike Montague and other Playful Humans are available as keynote speakers, playshop facilitators, client appreciation event hosts, trade show attention-getters, and emcees. We would love to come out and play with you!

Some fees may be negotiated per attendee instead of flat rates, when appropriate. Pro-bono speaking for non-profits and worthy causes is at our discretion and availability. We hardly ever turn down a chance to be on camera or behind a microphone, so don’t hesitate to ask!


Virtual Happy Hours

Monthly team building sessions designed encourage connection, creativity, culture, and confidence. These sessions are different each month and can be chosen to fit your theme or culture. Interactive facilitation, 90-minutes, virtual meetings, these are playshops with a purpose for only $750 per session!

Power Play Keynotes

Keynote speeches for corporate events, conferences, and trade shows, designed to help audiences rediscover the power of play. These entertaining experiences are half talk, half game show, and all about the fun! Can be up to 3 hours, live or virtual, this powerful play experience is $7,500.

Custom Playshops & Sleepaway Camps

Custom play experiences with games, activities, and challenges designed for your organization or event. We have done trade show booths, rehearsal dinners, reward trips, corporate field days, and charity events. Live entertainment, up to 6 hours per day, live or virtual, $10,000/day.
Availability is limited and services are in demand...

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Speaking fees shown are for the United States & Canada. Additional expenses for travel and accommodations may apply to events outside the Kansas City area. These fees do not cover copyright releases for video or audio recordings of the presentation. Copyright releases may be negotiated separately.

Other playshop materials, books, props, and prizes may be purchased separately as needed or made available for purchase at the event.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the fee is due when the engagement is booked. The rest is due upon completion. Travel and expense reimbursements are due upon receipt of the invoice.  Any non-refundable travel expenses must be paid in full regardless if engagement is canceled.

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