From Grumpy to Grateful: How to Face Your Fears with David McBee

What does it take to transform from an internet marketer to a children’s book author? Discover how David’s off-road adventure in Moab, Utah, inspired a delightful tale of courage, perseverance, and the power of play. Listen in as David and his host discuss their journey, and learn how collaborating with an independent artist on Upwork led to the stunning artwork in David’s book about a Jeep that goes on off-road adventures.

In the second part, we explore the motivations behind putting oneself out there as an author, podcaster, and internet marketer. Facing fears, being brave, and the evolving landscape of internet marketing are discussed. Learn how to handle negative comments with humor and grace, and the process of publishing a book. Weigh the pros and cons of self-publishing, hybrid publishing, and traditional publishing. Don’t miss this insightful discussion as we emphasize the power of sharing personal, unique content to truly make an impact in today’s digital world!

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(0:00:16) – Internet Marketing to Children’s Books
(0:09:33) – Putting Yourself Out There
(0:13:41) – Internet Marketing and Overcoming Negative Comments
(0:25:07) – Off-Road DJ Adventures

Chapter Summaries:
(0:00:16) – Internet Marketing to Children’s Books (9 Minutes)
Exploring the power of play and the importance of courage, the journey from internet marketing to children’s book authorship is discussed, focusing on a book about a Jeep on off-road adventures. The author’s personal experience in Moab, Utah, and overcoming fears with friends’ support inspired the book. The stunning artwork was found through collaborating with an independent artist on Upwork.

(0:09:33) – Putting Yourself Out There (4 Minutes)
Motivations for becoming an author, podcaster, and internet marketer often stem from a desire to share stories and help others. Connecting with young audiences and facing fears are important aspects of being an artist or author. The internet marketing landscape has evolved, making it more difficult to stand out. Sharing personal, unique content is crucial for making an impact in today’s digital world.

(0:13:41) – Internet Marketing and Overcoming Negative Comments (11 Minutes)
Internet marketing relies on the three E’s – educational, entertaining, and engaging content for businesses on social media. Courage is needed to face negative comments and trolls, but responding with humor and grace can create positive interactions. Engaging with both positive and negative comments helps build connections with the audience. Publishing a book involves choosing between self-publishing, hybrid publishing, or traditional publishing. Profit margins and platform challenges are factors to consider when selling hardcover books, such as on Amazon.

(0:25:07) – Off-Road DJ Adventures (1 Minute)
Off-road adventures require courage and guts for kids. Exploring different playful personality types, some may be adventurers, while others prefer puzzles, indoor games, or even planning parties. Discover more about oneself through a personality quiz and engage in happy playing.