Philosophers from Alan Watts to Plato have discovered the power of play and playing infinite games!

The universe has no need to be productive, no destination, nor any optimization, effort, or technology to continue. It just is.

Our modern concepts of retirement, success, and the American Dream have been made up within the last 100 years or so. We have cheated ourselves out enjoying where we are. We have traded our playfulness for work, our creativity for safety, and our meaning for what others tell us is important.

The point of life is not to hurry to the end without making any mistakes.

The meaning of life is to sing and dance while the music is playing…

We think of the Present as something tiny, fleeting, and meaningless because we are trying to measure, manage and control it, but in reality, the Present is infinite. It is the only thing that exists. The entire rest of your life will be lived in the Present. If you ignore it and instead worry about your past or present, you will find that you can’t enjoy any of them.

If you play to win the game of life, you will lose because you only decide who wins at the end, and no one gets out alive. If you play the game of life as an infinite game in the Present, you play to keep the game going and to make it as fun as possible for everyone playing…

You were born a playful human, and you have only learned to be serious. It is time to rediscover the power of play and find connection, creativity, culture, and confidence now, while the music is still playing!

Today, we play!