Finding Freedom Through Art: Faige Kobre's Journey to Reigniting Creativity with Alcohol Inks

Faige Kobre plays with the magical medium of alcohol inks. She helps women connect to their innate creativity using this medium through offline & online classes. She was an early childhood educator and developed her inner artist over time. Challenged to start a creativity course for adults, she discovered mixed media art and was hooked!

If you love crafts, art, art supplies, or all of the above then check out this episode to tap into your natural, innate creativity that was most probably squashed in school or anytime in your early years when you were told that you could only do art if you knew how to draw.

Faige Kobre wants to help you reignite your creativity by discovering the few mediums where you can create art without judgment. Doodling, abstract painting, collage, and of course alcohol inks. Working with these mediums will help you relax and create and your creativity will shine through and be reignited.

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