Becoming a Song Writer Instantly with Angus Clark from Song Division

Ever wondered how a symphony of ideas can emerge from the chaos of creativity? Angus Clark from SongDivision joins me to share the melody of innovation that resonates through improvisational music and playful songwriting. Tune in as we strike a chord with musician humor, discuss the true worth of a performance, and unveil how songwriting can be a powerful tool for problem-solving and team building, even for those without a musical bone in their body.

As we riff with Angus, you’ll learn how music is an inclusive language that invites all personality types to the creative process. Our discussion harmonizes the elements of crafting a song with the dynamics of group collaboration. We also explore how a structured approach to creativity can lead to unexpected and impactful outcomes, and why sometimes, a touch of competition in a ‘song slam’ can bring out the best in a team’s collective anthem.

Angus doesn’t skip a beat as he walks us through his eclectic career, from his academic pursuits to electrifying stages with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Broadway’s “Rock of Ages”. His experiences with SongDivision reveal how one can orchestrate a career that blends the zest of the arts with the rhythm of the corporate world. So plug in, and let the symphony of ideas, laughter, and practical advice inspire your own creative journey in music or beyond.

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(00:15) Unleashing Creativity Through Music and Play

This chapter, I chat with Angus Clark from Song Division about the joys and intricacies of improvisational music and on-the-spot songwriting at events. We kick things off with a few laughs, sharing jokes that blend musician humor with classic dad jokes. We then transition into discussing the value of performing well at every gig, the concept of ‘exposure bucks’, and knowing when to work for free versus when to demand proper compensation. Angus gives insights into the world of professional musicianship and the importance of high-quality audio and video recordings. Finally, we get an overview of SongDivision and its role in team building and energizing groups through interactive musical experiences, highlighting the accessibility of music creation for even those without any musical background.

(09:45) Creative Problem Solving Through Songwriting

This chapter explores the art of using creative workshops like Lego building and songwriting to foster problem-solving skills and team building. We begin by breaking the ice with personal music anecdotes, which leads to a deeper bonding experience. Moving forward, we discuss the fundamental components required to write a song—chords, style, melody, and lyrics—and how this framework applies to a group setting. I share insights on encouraging participation from all personality types by starting with individual work, addressing the challenge of the ‘blank page’ and highlighting strategies to ignite creativity. We consider the benefits of both consuming external content and the value of quiet, focused time to stimulate original thought. Through this, we aim to understand how structured group activities can lead to effective collaboration and problem-solving, even in a global context with multilingual participants.

(21:25) Song Division Collaboration and Process

This chapter examines the creative process of collaborative songwriting within a group setting, focusing on techniques to ensure participation from all personality types. We explore a structured approach where individuals contribute their ideas before combining them into a unified piece, and the importance of setting clear rules to guide collaboration. We touch on the competitive but inclusive aspect of the ‘song slam,’ where multiple groups create songs and compete, with the winning song becoming a collective anthem. Additionally, I share insights into my career in music, reflecting on the transition from education to professional life, and the various paths musicians can take to sustain their passion without succumbing to the ‘starving artist’ stereotype.

(26:04) Diverse Career Paths and Problem Solving

This chapter unveils the multifaceted journey of a seasoned guitarist, from academic pursuits in music at the University of Southern California and NYU, to touring with a band signed to a record deal and performing with renowned New Age Artist Kitaro. We explore his 23-year tenure as the lead guitarist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and his experiences on Broadway with “Rock of Ages.” Additionally, we touch on his unique blend of corporate and music worlds through his work with SongDivision, and how diverse skill sets can lead to a fulfilling career. His story is a testament to the power of versatility and finding harmony between passions and practicalities in the arts industry.

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