Could the secret to peak performance lie in embracing imperfection and playfulness? Find out as I join forces with Jordana Confino in a revelatory discussion that promises to dismantle your drive for perfection and rewire your approach to success. Jordana, a former type A legal eagle turned positive psychology guru, shares her personal awakening to a life beyond the relentless pursuit of flawlessness. Her insights shed light on the often misunderstood relationship between play, productivity, and well-being. This episode is a treasure trove of strategies for anyone looking to infuse their life and work with a sense of joy and sustainable achievement.

Laugh along with us as we engage in a light-hearted game that exemplifies how play can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Jordana’s captivating anecdotes serve as a powerful testament to the idea that our inherent worthiness is not tied to our achievements. Together, we dissect the nuances of perfectionism and highlight the profound impact that letting go can have on creativity, client relationships, and presence in all aspects of life. If you’re ready to break free from the chains of perfection and inject a dose of play into your daily routine, this heartwarming conversation is your starting point for a more fulfilling existence.

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(00:13) From Perfectionist to Playful

This chapter, I sit down with Jordana Campino to explore her transformation from a type A perfectionist to someone who embraces playfulness. We start off light-hearted with a joke before getting into Jordana’s story of a high-achieving background in law and her realization that her pursuit of success was leading to unhappiness and health issues. She shares her discovery of positive psychology and how it reshaped her views on success, happiness, and her career path. Jordana’s journey led her to coaching and teaching others about the benefits of positive psychology, specifically focusing on high-achieving professionals and perfectionists. She emphasizes that overcoming perfectionism is key to unlocking true playfulness, joy, and even peak performance. Join us as we unpack the crucial balance between striving for excellence and nurturing a playful human mindset.

(13:10) Letting Go of Perfectionism for Success

This chapter tackles the pitfalls of perfectionism and the importance of a balanced approach to work and life. We explore why aiming for “big picture perfection” rather than unattainable standards can lead to better overall outcomes, taking into account the need for sleep, play, and connection to fuel performance. I highlight the difference between short-term perfection on individual tasks and long-term excellence in a career, emphasizing that intellectual and emotional work often requires stepping back to achieve the best results. We also touch on the role of creativity and presence in higher-level tasks, sales, and client relationships, stressing that positive emotions can enhance creative thinking and connection with others. In the end, it’s about moving beyond the “more is always better” mindset and understanding that true value comes from the ability to innovate and engage, not just from relentless hard work.

(26:07) Navigating Perfectionism Through Play

This chapter explores the challenges of managing an inner critic and the relentless pursuit of perfectionism, particularly in the context of work and play. I discuss the delicate balance between engaging in activities out of excitement and value, versus the fear of not doing enough. We touch upon the idea of playing to win, which is driven by passion, as opposed to playing not to lose, a mindset rooted in the avoidance of feeling inadequate. Through personal anecdotes and a playful game, we underscore the importance of recognizing our worthiness, which can transform our approach to both work and leisure. The conversation concludes with insights into turning mundane tasks into games and how a shift in perspective can lead to sustainable success and satisfaction in both professional and personal arenas.

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