Disney Imagineer Turned Professor Talks About Playful Design Principles With His Teaching Assistant, Igor The Parrot

Meet Terry Dobson and Igor the Parrot! Terry is a professor of design studies at APU and a former Disney Imagineer. He is a father of 4 boys, and San Marino Cub Scout Co-Pack Leader. He is also a 3-time tree-house designer + builder and has to stop himself from playing all day long because that’s ultimately what Igor the Parrot wants to do.

Igor is Terry’s full-time, live-in, emotional support, teaching assistant who comes to every class, and has the best attendance of any of my students! He greets everyone he meets walking to school each day, goes shopping at Trader Joe’s, sits next to my chair at the dentist’s office, and even rides on a bike with Terry to church every Sunday.

Learn more about Terry in his APU introduction video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYKVjsaWa8Y

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