Unleashing Your Inner Dork: How Dancing in Public Can Improve Your Mental Health with Ethan Levy

Strangers are coming together #dorkdancing for mental health in public spaces! Ethan Levy has created a movement to get people back together, outside, and dancing. Dork Dancing is a free dance movement & mental health advocacy campaign where celebration & activism meet for a healthier, happier & more harmonious world.

Dork Dancing is free dancing, sober; it’s a new kind of dance therapy. It doesn’t matter how you move. We are trading judgment for acceptance; really, move however you would like, there’s no right or wrong way. Many try to avoid looking like a dork, here we are embracing that.

Ethan seeks to end the surrounding stigma, illness, and inequity of mental illness by coming together against challenges such as suicide, depression, loneliness, distress, violence, anxiety, trauma, grief, addiction, etc.

Find Ethan and Dork Dancing at https://www.dorkdancing.com/

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