Discover the Power of Laughter for Wellness and Business with Merv Neal

Did you know that laughter has a proven positive impact on business, aging, mental illness, disability, education, relationships, fitness, and your overall physical health?

Merv Neal is Australia’s leading laughter expert! That makes him a gelotologist… A laughter yogi, workplace well-being consultant, and creator of the Laughter Quotient!

In today’s high-pressure society, people are struggling to cope which is having a negative impact on their Emotional, Mental, and Physical health. This in turn leads to performance and productivity issues at work, as well as poor relationships at home.

According to Beyond Blue, 1 in 5 workers are experiencing a mental health condition of depression or anxiety. In Merv’s experience while conducting a Research Study with Deakin University in a Kidney Dialysis Unit at Monash Health he discovered that ignoring your health can have long-lasting and even terminal repercussions.

Laughter Therapy uses laughter as a tool to assist in reducing the symptoms of illness, as well as then using laughter to promote good health. It uses a specifically designed Laughter Quotient© that enables people to change their laughter to help identify a better method that helps their healing. It is a treatment modality that uses algorithms to find the best fit.

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