From Megatron to Movie Trailers: A Voice-Over Legend's Journey with David Kaye

David Kaye’s voice-over career began with ‘The Great American Hero’, General Hawk in the DIC animation series, GI Joe in 1989. Working as an on-air talent for radio station CKLG (LG73) quickly became less interesting as both on-camera and behind-the-mic roles started taking up more time. Over the next two decades, David’s voice career became legendary!

David’s biggest moment was when he was cast as ‘Megatron’ in 1994 in the wonderfully popular series ‘Transformers.’  In 2007, David “crossed over” to become the only actor in the history of the franchise to play the lead villain AND the lead hero when he was cast as ‘Optimus Prime’ for Cartoon Network’s ‘Transformers: Animated.”

David’s voice can be heard in an insane amount of TV shows, movies, video games adn commercials like:  Insomniac’s ‘Ratchet & Clank’ as Clank, ‘Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions’ as ‘Mysterio’, ‘Nick Fury’ and ‘Captain America’ in ‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2’, ‘Missing Link’ in ‘Monsters vs Aliens’, the game, the voice of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and many movie trailers like the Secret Life of Pets and Bad Moms!

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