Here’s how I am using AI as a podcaster to create clips and shorts from my long-form interviews… It is super easy and fun! Thanks to for featuring me in their Creator Spotlight.

If you want to learn more about using Vidyo for short and reels, check out this webinar:

There are two significant aspects to consider. First, Playful Humans is designed to be experiential and fun, given the company’s name. It can’t be dull. By showcasing unique moments like jokes and games on my podcast, I can demonstrate the difference in experience compared to other thought leaders or keynote speakers. These moments help establish the brand’s distinctiveness.

Second, consistency is essential in avoiding burnout. If creating content becomes a tedious, time-consuming process, it leads to fatigue and even pod fade, where podcasters abandon their shows. By using, I can keep content creation quick, enjoyable, and progress-oriented. This tool allows me to focus on building my audience and clientele while automating other processes.

I frequently engage with podcasters and have mentioned on several shows. I emphasize that it’s a game-changing AI video editing tool. With, you merely upload your content, and within minutes, the platform processes it. You can take a short break and return to find all the heavy lifting done. Instead of editing the entire episode or outsourcing the task, you can effortlessly select highlights from your favorite moments. This not only saves time and money but also allows you to focus on building your audience and connecting with people. 

Many podcasters, especially those starting out, are concerned about saving resources and maximizing their efforts. is a no-brainer investment, providing substantial monetary and time savings. It simplifies video repurposing and lets you concentrate on the fun part of podcasting—building your audience. 

One tip for podcasters: Before recording, consider the moments you’d like to include in your content, as this will make repurposing easier and more effective. Having predefined segments, like a “Joke of the Week,” unique questions, or engaging games, ensures you capture great clips effortlessly, setting you up for success in repurposing your content with