Life’s too short to NOT travel! Learn how to be a Continental Drifter with Ralph Velasco

Are you ready to turn your passion for photography and travel into an adventure of a lifetime? Join Ralph Velasco, the Continental Director, as he shares his journey from owning restaurants and working as a financial advisor to becoming a travel photographer and tour organizer. Ralph’s passion led him to create walking tours that teach people how to use digital cameras, starting in the early 2000s, and the many benefits that international travel can bring by taking us out of our comfort zones.

In this engaging episode, listen as we explore the art of photography, common misconceptions, and mistakes people make when taking pictures. Discover the concept of “spray and pray,” where photographers take numerous shots in hopes of capturing the perfect moment. Learn basic tips that anyone can use with any camera, such as watching your background and being aware of what’s happening in front of and behind your subject. As photographers, we are storytellers, and our goal is to capture interesting images that tell our friends and family about our experiences. So, join us as we follow Ralph’s story of following his dreams and turning play into a way of life, and learn how to improve your photography skills and capture memorable images on your next adventure.

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(0:00:27) – International Travel and Making Memories
(0:08:13) – Benefits and Experiences of International Travel
(0:12:24) – Travel Photography and Setting Realistic Expectations
(0:19:12) – Photography Tips and Movie Trivia

Chapter Summaries:
(0:00:27) – International Travel and Making Memories (8 Minutes)
Ralph Falesco’s journey from restaurant owner and financial advisor to travel photographer and tour organizer showcases his passion for travel and photography. Early 2000s, he created walking tours teaching people how to use digital cameras. The 2008 financial crisis pushed Ralph to pursue his passion full-time, resulting in a fulfilling and playful career.

(0:08:13) – Benefits and Experiences of International Travel (4 Minutes)
International travel benefits and invigorates by taking people out of their comfort zones. Studying and volunteering abroad in countries like Spain, Peru, Venezuela, and Mexico provide immersive experiences. Being conscious and experienced helps avoid negative travel experiences. Memorable moments include meeting new people and gaining different perspectives from other cultures.

(0:12:24) – Travel Photography and Setting Realistic Expectations (7 Minutes)
Common misconceptions and mistakes in planning international trips include setting unrealistic expectations and not understanding the destination. Balancing enjoyment and capturing experiences through photography is important, as well as being present and appreciating the location. Motivations for travel photography range from documenting vacations to starting travel blogs or selling photos professionally.

(0:19:12) – Photography Tips and Movie Trivia (11 Minutes)
Photography misconceptions include the “spray and pray” technique, where numerous photos are taken to capture the perfect moment. Basic photography tips include watching backgrounds, being aware of the subject’s surroundings, and considering light quality and direction. Photographers act as storytellers and can use a shot list to capture a variety of images. Balancing candid and set-up shots helps to tell the story of the place or moment effectively.