If you are thinking about starting a podcast, check this out! Are you feeling stressed or burnt out on your podcast? It’s easy to fall into that trap when you’re putting in long hours and constantly striving for perfection. But there’s a way to avoid burnout and keep your show fresh and exciting!

In this blog post, Mike Montague explains that by incorporating playfulness, humor, creativity, and spontaneity into your podcast, you can have more fun and keep things interesting for both you and your audience. Get ready to have more fun and bring new life to your podcast!

Mike was honored to be a virtual keynote speaker for the PodPros PodTalks event in January! Check out the recording above.

The first step to any fun and fulfilling work is to figure out which playful personalities you can incorporate into your project.

#1 The Joker

Jokers love telling jokes, sharing funny stories, and playing pranks. I am one of them, but if that’s not for you in your podcast, don’t do it. There are other personalities we’ll talk about that might be a better fit.

#2 The Athlete

Athletes love physical challenges. You could do some kind of exercise podcast where you actually demonstrate it during the show.

#3 The Explorer

Explorers love record from a new location, trying new things, or covering a new topic each week instead of having an ongoing podcast about the same topic.

#4 The Competitor

Competitors love challenging their guests in a game or doing something interesting that allows them to keep score on the podcast.

#5 The Director

Director likes to put together games for other people, facilitating a party or a group discussion or something interesting where other people on the podcast are creating magic, and they’re just the facilitator of that process.

#6 The Collector

Collectors like asking guests to bring something on the show to share. They might also show their collection or add something new to their collection each week and talk about it on the podcast.

#7 The Creator

Creators love making something as they podcast. These can be anything from making up a story or talking to someone while they painting a picture or doing a puzzle.

#8 The Storyteller

Storytellers love to tell stories. A great example is serial podcasters who tell an ongoing story across multiple podcasts or tell a new story every week.

#9 The Deep Thinker

Deep thinkers like to ponder questions. They love to get really deep into a topic or a book they have read. They love to share ideas with other people who are passionate about that particular topic.

#10 The Gamer

Gamers like to play online video games, board games, or role-playing games and record it. Streamers, for example, have had a lot of success with this.

Which One Are You?

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