Irish Wit and Wisdom From Marketing to Motivational Speaking with Conor Cunneen

How can laughter be the secret ingredient to a life of fulfillment and success? That’s exactly what Connor Canine of Irishman Speaks brings to the table as he joins us to share his remarkable shift from corporate executive to motivational speaker. With the vibrancy of the Emerald Isle, Connor weaves tales of joy and the art of humor that have the power to transform our daily grind into a more playful and productive journey. As we erupt into laughter and a few good-natured jokes, you’ll learn firsthand how an Irishman’s charm is not just for captivating an audience, but also for inspiring a positive transformation in any career path.

But our conversation doesn’t stop at chuckles and career changes; we also unpack the savvy behind personal branding with a twist of humor that stands out in a crowded market. Connor’s ‘Gift of GAB’ framework isn’t just clever branding—it’s a lesson in crafting an image that captivates and endears. And for those who believe adulthood means an end to play, think again. We introduce you to another playful human, Connor Cunneen. Find him at

(00:13) Irishman Speaks on Motivation and Career

This chapter welcomes the humorous and insightful Connor Cunneen from Irishman Speaks, as we explore his journey from corporate executive in Ireland to a motivational speaker in Chicago. I share a playful joke to kick things off, setting the tone for a conversation that celebrates the power of humor and storytelling in both personal growth and professional development. Connor details his transition from a VP of marketing to inspiring individuals through his speaking career, emphasizing the importance of keeping a smile on your face and a spring in your step. We also touch on the challenges faced by those in job search and how maintaining motivation is key. Join us as we uncover how Connor uses his Irish charm and experiences to enhance people’s performance and productivity, all while keeping it light-hearted and fun.

(14:40) Personal Branding and Humor in Marketing

This chapter focuses on leveraging personal uniqueness in marketing and building a strong personal brand, as illustrated through the Irishman Speaks brand and the ‘Gift of GAB’ keynote framework. We explore the importance of differentiating oneself in a competitive market, utilizing platforms like YouTube and Instagram for brand visibility, and the impact of cultural stereotypes on personal branding. Additionally, we touch on the misconceptions surrounding Irish culture, particularly in relation to St. Patrick’s Day festivities in the United States, and how these can be both a challenge and an opportunity when developing a brand identity that resonates authentically with both Irish and international audiences.

(26:19) Exploring Business Humor

This chapter celebrates the lighter side of life, embracing the wit of Connor and the charm found at I highlight the joy of balancing the serious aspects of life with humor and playfulness. If you’re seeking to reconnect with your sense of fun, I encourage a visit to, where a quiz awaits to help you discover your playful personality, be it through outdoor exploration, humor, or artistic creation. Remember, it’s essential to find time to play in the way that resonates with you most. See you there!