Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

– Ferris Bueller

It’s National Goof Off Day! Time to set down the work and pick up your soul…

There is a funny thing that most people miss about living their best life and finding unprecedented success. It is not the measured, calculated moves that bring you fun, flow, and fulfillment. It is the stupid, utterly moronic, complete waste of time actions that you do because you want to!

Sure, occasionally, you can look at the data, feedback, polls, reviews, and well-laid plans and find something that will increase your results by 1-10%. Hey, that is not bad! But, if you want game-changing, life-changing, exponential results, you are going to have to do something crazy. You are going to have to look at the data, your boss, and everyone else who is telling you to play it safe, and then decide to do it anyway!

David Sandler, a sales training pioneer, once said, “It is more often not the decision that is right or wrong. It is the decision-maker who makes it a success.”

Sure, hard work is applauded. Hustle is the gold standard. We believe that being busy equals being successful. We believe that the Alpha Dogs are the ones who eat first, but it is rarely true. Where is the proof that hard work, struggle, and being an asshole equals happiness?

Most often we are trading happiness for the security and safety of saying, “See I worked hard… I did what everyone else would have done… I followed the data and the plan…”

The science says the opposite is actually true. When we do more fun things or have more fun doing the same things, our results and happiness skyrocket!

Just try me. If you are ready to be a Playful Human instead of a robot, try these 5 things and report back to me either way.

The Top 5 Ways to Goof Off and Win at Life and Business:

  1. Remember what gave you joy as a kid and go do that! You were right the first time. You just forgot how to play and make yourself happy. You traded it for adulting. That was dumb.

  2. Create a Reverse Bucket List. I call it a Fun Bucket or an F-It List… Instead of listing goals, to-dos, and things you should do, List things you actually want to do and remove the things you don’t want to do. Stop doing things that don’t add to your life, and play the way you were born to.

  3. Pick up a hobby. Lowering the stakes and doing something just for the fun of it is game-changing. Don’t try to monetize it, show off on social media, or become world-class. Just do something you enjoy, because it makes you happy. That is enough, and you are enough. You have nothing else to prove.

  4. Schedule downtime and playtime. I know this one sounds lame, but unfortunately, we have forgotten why we are here. If you are not finding enough time for yourself, make time. Take the PTO. Take a day off and use it like Ferris Bueller! How much fun can you have?

  5. Connect with others, especially children. We are humans, not robots. Sometimes, we need play role models. Children are naturally creative geniuses and playful humans. Find and surround yourself with people who get your jokes and will encourage you to be more of yourself. If you don’t have anyone, call me or join our Playful Humans Club.

Save yourself! Be more like Ferris!

“They all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.”

– Grace