The Art Of Being H(YOU)man Podcast Interview with Mike Montague

Do you ever feel caught in the cycle of seriousness, losing sight of joy and playfulness in your life? In our latest conversation with Meg Heppner, we unmask the transformative power of play and humor, highlighting the importance of shedding societal expectations to embrace a life that is authentically you.

Mike’s vibrant discussion with Meg delves into the potential harms of taking life too seriously, sharing compelling anecdotes that illustrate the damaging effects of a rigid, binary approach to life. We underline the benefits of incorporating fun and play into our daily routines, challenging societal norms, and encouraging listeners to foster an environment of authenticity and acceptance through playfulness. We even tackle the complex relationship between self-care, consumerism, and the pursuit of happiness. We highlight Mike’s dedicated mission to spark joy in people’s lives and share his personal journey of growing up in a family that championed play and self-expression.

In this episode, we also explore the law of attraction and humor’s role in navigating adversity. With Mike and Meg’s incredible insights and our shared experiences, we hope to inspire you to seek fun and play in your life, and to recognize the value of humor even in the most challenging of times. We invite you to join us on this enlightening journey to discover the transformative power of play, as we examine how incorporating it into our lives can lead to a deeper sense of happiness and contentment.

(0:13:42) – Finding Joy and Playfulness in Life (6 Minutes)

We explore the concept of balancing play and seriousness in our lives. It can be easy to think that it’s a binary choice and that being serious is the only way to achieve success. We share examples to illustrate this idea, such as the famous study about computer programmers in San Francisco and my guest’s funny story about his son pranking the family. We also recognize that oftentimes, having fun can lead to better results than working hard. We encourage listeners to look for moments of play in their own lives to help create lasting memories and human connections.

(0:19:57) – The Traps of Self-Care and Consumerism (11 Minutes)

Today, I’m discussing the traps we can fall into when trying to find fun and happiness in our lives. From the idea that more is always better to the misconception of retail therapy, we explore how these traps can lead us to feel worse instead of better. We also talk about the idea that fun is free and how to find fun in the activities we already do. Finally, we look at the importance of play in our lives and how it can bring us joy, even in our adult lives. We consider the value of things like Lego collections and how they bring us happiness. I challenge you to think at what age you would recommend that people stop playing and explore the benefits of a life that takes play seriously.

(0:30:34) – Balancing Playfulness and Seriousness (6 Minutes)

We discuss how to balance our own need for play and fun with the expectations of others. Everyone has their own type of play and it can be expressed in different ways. We consider how playfulness can manifest in puzzles, painting, sports, and even in facilitating fun for others. We also discuss how to get others to accept us authentically and to get them to join in our playfulness.

(0:39:52) – Choosing Fun and Play in Life (7 Minutes)

We examine the power of laughter and how it can help us create better relationships and a more enjoyable life. We discuss how laughing at the right times helps us connect with others and create a positive atmosphere. We explore the idea of the law of attraction and how our thoughts and actions can manifest themselves in our lives. Taking ourselves too seriously can be damaging while having a playful attitude can create an environment that is attractive and inviting. We look at how the expectations of others can play a role in how we express our own need for play and fun. Finally, we examine how having a sense of humor can help us to appreciate and enjoy life’s little moments, even in challenging times.

(0:46:41) – Embracing Play and Enjoyment in Life (3 Minutes)

Today, we discuss how to incorporate more play into our lives. We talk about the parable of the Mexican fishermen and how it illustrates the importance of play. We explore the idea of needing to achieve and stand out and how that can be a sign of trauma coping. Finally, we challenge our listeners to commit to one step into play in their lives.

(0:49:55) – Rediscovering Happiness Through Playful Games (6 Minutes)

We share our experiences of playing games and discuss the joy of being in the moment, connecting with others, and having fun. We look at why it’s important to incorporate more play into our lives, and how it can be a powerful way to find happiness and release stress. We talk about how important it is to laugh and find the funny parts of life, even during difficult times. Finally, we explore how to balance our own need for play with the expectations of others.