Create Magic At Work with Corporate Mystic Amy Lynn Durham

Her clients call her the “Corporate Mystic”. Have you ever met someone who can magically combine the serious inner work we all need to complete for achieving maximum results with fun, humor, and insight?  Amy Lynn Durham is that woman and she’s sharing her magic with leaders who know that there’s more to life than just going to work every day like a robot and earning a paycheck.

She is the Founder of Create Magic At Work™, where she uses her expertise as an Executive Coach & certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach (SQ) to uniquely blend spirituality & business in order to help leaders increase courage, confidence & productivity while decreasing stress.

Amy draws on her past experiences as a successful Corporate Executive and shares win-win ways people can get results by connecting authentically and seeing the humanity in each other.  Through her unique ability to help you ignite your own magical gifts you will get immediate results in your business and life.

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