Falling Up: The Inspiring Story of Hollywood Stuntman & Slamball Athlete, Kevin Cassidy

Kevin spent over 17 years working on some of the biggest movies in the world including 8 Marvel films (Spiderman Homecoming and Far From Home, Black Panther, Ant-man, Captain America Civil War, and others), as well as The Dark Knight Rises, SALT, The Other Guys, Zombieland 2, and many more.

Born with a facial birth defect, Kevin Cassidy battled a speech impediment and bullying throughout his youth but he was able to conquer one of life’s hardest challenges…being genuinely happy. He is a former Hollywood stuntman, school teacher, college and pro athlete in Slamball.  And, is currently a current business owner, author, speaker, father, and husband. His new book Falling Down To Find Myself is available now. He is also the Owner of Ninja Nation, and ninja fitness gym in Huntsville!

Find Kevin Cassidy at KevinCass.com

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