From the batter’s box to the broadcasting booth, Ryan Ripken is swinging for the fences…

We kick off year 4 with Ryan Ripken, former baseball player turned broadcaster and host of the Offscript with Rip podcast and the Ryan Ripken Show on YouTube. Ryan shares his unique experience growing up in a legendary baseball family and carving out his own path in the shadow of his Hall of Fame father, Cal Ripken Jr. He opens up about the realities of the minor leagues, the evolution of a professional baseball career, and how his family’s legacy has influenced his journey.

The conversation also takes a swing at the mental game of baseball and how it prepares you for life’s curveballs. We talk about the similarities between stepping up to the plate and facing challenges in everyday life, drawing parallels between the discipline in sports and personal development. Ryan reflects on his transition from the batter’s box to the broadcasting booth, shedding light on the importance of making complex baseball knowledge engaging and relatable while navigating the ever-changing landscape of media.

Ryan gives us a behind-the-scenes look at @RyanRipkenMedia and the exciting content he’s bringing to the airwaves. As we round the bases of our chat, we highlight the pressures of living up to a successful parent’s legacy, the importance of managing expectations, and the growth that comes from taking risks. Whether you’re a baseball enthusiast or simply looking for inspiration to play to your strengths, this episode is a home run for anyone aiming to embrace their playful side. 

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  • (00:15) – Ryan Ripken’s Baseball Career and Broadcasting
  • (09:39) – Baseball and Life
  • (14:42) – Transitioning and Evolving in Broadcasting
  • (17:55) – The Ever-Changing Journey of Broadcasting
  • (22:47) – Baseball and Podcasting
  • (29:57) – Ryan Ripken Show

(00:15) Ryan Ripken’s Baseball Career and Broadcasting

This chapter, I chat with Ryan Ripken, the host of the Offscript with Rip podcast and a former baseball player from the renowned Ripken family. We explore his journey from growing up in a legendary baseball household to pursuing his own professional baseball career, understanding the realities of the minor leagues, and transitioning into broadcasting and podcasting. Ryan shares insights into the challenges of carving out his own path in the shadow of his Hall of Fame father, Cal Ripken Jr., and the changing dynamics of making it in professional baseball compared to his dad’s era. We also touch on the legacy of his grandfather and uncle in the sport, and how Ryan has learned to appreciate the grind of minor league life that once was a rite of passage for his family members.

(09:39) Baseball and Life

This chapter explores the unique challenges and mental aspects of baseball, highlighting the high failure rate even among the best players and how success in the sport can prepare one for life’s other challenges. We discuss the psychological parallels between baseball and sales, emphasizing the importance of preparation and adaptability in the face of unpredictability. Additionally, we examine the transition from baseball to broadcasting, where the live, unscripted environment demands quick thinking and response to the unexpected. This conversation also touches on the universal experiences of doubt and how to refocus when things don’t go as planned, drawing connections between the discipline learned in sports and its application to everyday life.

(14:42) Transitioning and Evolving in Broadcasting

This chapter explores the journey of transitioning from playing professional baseball to finding new ways to engage with the sport, emphasizing the need to evolve and adapt as careers on the field come to an end. I share my personal experience of moving into broadcasting and starting my own podcast and show, discussing the importance of making complex baseball knowledge accessible and relatable to a broader audience. We also touch on the excitement of broadcasting as a dynamic field and the different avenues it offers, highlighting the value of continual learning and idea generation in media. Additionally, I reflect on the broader opportunities available to stay connected to baseball, including coaching, scouting, and working with youth camps.

(17:55) The Ever-Changing Journey of Broadcasting

This chapter examines the never-ending journey of personal and professional growth in the broadcasting field, emphasizing the importance of embracing the process and being open to new opportunities. I reflect on my own evolution from my initial broadcasts to where I am now, engaging with diverse personalities from different sports. We explore the necessity of authenticity in finding and connecting with the right audience, the value of flexibility in adapting to the changing landscape of media, and the willingness to experiment and develop new skills. Moreover, I draw parallels between the discipline of broadcasting and the world of baseball, highlighting how repetition and practice in both fields are crucial for improvement and readiness for big moments. The chapter concludes with a nod to the inherent challenges and advantages of living up to high expectations, particularly with a famous surname.

(22:47) Baseball and Podcasting

This chapter touches on the pressures of living up to a successful parent’s legacy and the importance of managing expectations. I share my journey from baseball player to broadcaster, reflecting on the weight of my father’s MVP status and how it shaped the perception of my own achievements. Despite a successful scout day with a three-for-three performance including a home run and a double, I grappled with never feeling quite good enough in the shadow of my father’s accomplishments. I discuss the lessons learned from my own failures, both on the field and in broadcasting, emphasizing the value of persistence, self-competition, and learning from every experience. The conversation also covers the growth that comes from taking risks, like starting a podcast to improve interviewing skills, and the realization that everyone must start somewhere, often with the opportunity to fail privately before succeeding publicly.

(29:57) Ryan Ripken Show

This chapter features a conversation with Ryan Ripken, where we explore the content of his show, the Ryan Ripken Show, which airs twice a week. We touch on the mix of Maryland sports and other spicy topics he covers, along with the special guests he invites. I encourage listeners to check out Ryan Ripken Media on YouTube and highlight the importance of subscribing to our podcast, Playful Humans, on various platforms. Additionally, I point listeners towards the quiz to discover their unique play style, be it athletic, gaming, or another form of play, emphasizing the diversity of ways people can enjoy themselves. Remember, it’s not just about being good; it’s about being good at embracing your playful side.