How Crayons Foster Creativity and Connection with Mompreneur Shannon Bennett

Discovering the Creative Magic in Crayons: A Chat with Shannon Bennett

Unleash your inner artist and rekindle your love for crayons as we chat with Shannon Bennett, founder of Creative Crayons Workshop! Embark on a playful and inspiring journey with us as we discover how Shannon transformed her children’s love for crayons into a flourishing business, creating unique crayon shapes and art projects that people of all ages love.

We dive into the world of art and creativity with Shannon as she shares her insights as an entrepreneur and an art teacher. Learn about the power of play, how to foster creativity and connection, and the surprising differences in quality between name-brand and dollar-store crayons. Listen in as Shannon talks about her first sale at a local barbecue festival, the launch of her website, and her monthly subscription service. So grab your favorite crayon color and join us in this colorful and imaginative conversation!

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(0:00:01) – Playful Creativity With Crayons
(0:07:23) – Crayon Tips and Misconceptions
(0:13:02) – Art and Play’s Power

(0:00:01) – Playful Creativity With Crayons (7 Minutes)

We start off with a joke and then explore how Shannon got started with her crayon business and discuss the different projects she has created. Shannon talks about the power of playing with crayons, and how anyone of any age can enjoy them. We learn that Shannon’s four children are her idea generators and enjoy creating crayon art for their home school projects. We also discover how Shannon teaches art at her children’s school and loves watching them create artwork without worrying about staying inside the lines.

(0:07:23) – Crayon Tips and Misconceptions (6 Minutes)

We explore the world of art and creativity as we discuss the proper way to use a crayon, the quality difference between name-brand and dollar-store crayons, surfaces to use, and Shannon’s favorite color. We also discover tips on how to foster creativity and connection, the smell of crayons that is nostalgic for many, and the importance of learning to share crayons with siblings.

(0:13:02) – Art and Play’s Power (16 Minutes)

Shannon and I discuss how to create an atmosphere that allows people to express themselves and form connections, how to recognize individual artwork, and why people stop drawing. We also explore the success of her business, including her first sale at a local barbecue festival, the launch of her website, and the addition of a monthly subscription to her services. Finally, we discuss the importance of play and how it can help reduce stress.