Learn the Psychology of Top Performing Artists and Athletes with Stuntman Dr. Brian Hite

What does it take to be an accomplished stuntman in popular shows like Buffy, Star Trek, 24, and Stranger Things? Join us as we explore the thrilling world of stunts with the talented Brian Heights, discussing the differences between a stunt player, a stunt performer, and a stunt double. Brian shares some of his most memorable stunts, the scariest one he’s ever done, and how sports psychology concepts like open and closed skills play a role in everyday life.

Discover the power of play in our lives and the importance of adaptability and flexibility in various situations. Brian reveals how combining work and play leads to a fulfilling life and even puts his playful skills to the test with a game of Survey Battles. If you’re interested in learning more about performance psychology, don’t miss this exciting insight into Brian’s experiences and his published book, as well as Begin Again Performance Psychology.

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(0:00:19) – Stuntman and Performance Psychology
(0:13:53) – Designing a Career With Open Skills
(0:23:09) – The Power of Play and Self-Exploration
(0:29:21) – Playful Humans

Chapter Summaries:
(0:00:19) – Stuntman and Performance Psychology (14 Minutes)
Stuntman Brian Heights discusses the differences between a stunt player, a stunt performer, and a stunt double, sharing memorable stunts like a fiery car sequence in Drive Angry. He also reveals the scariest stunt he’s ever done and his work as the founder of Begin Again Performance Psychology.

(0:13:53) – Designing a Career With Open Skills (9 Minutes)
Open and closed skills in sports psychology involve adaptability and flexibility, as well as rehearsing repetitive movements. Trust in ourselves and our abilities helps us navigate distractions and emotions in various situations. Order and chaos require balance in daily life, and applying the right skills for the situation is crucial. Deliberate practice works well in predictable environments but may be less effective in life’s unpredictable nature. The military acronym VUCA reminds us that life is often chaotic and uncertain, requiring adaptable and flexible skills.

(0:23:09) – The Power of Play and Self-Exploration (6 Minutes)
Exploring the power and benefits of play, combining work and play can lead to a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Intrinsic motivation and the rejuvenating effects of engaging in activities for fun are discussed. Playful skills are put to the test with a game of Survey Battles. For more information on performance psychology, refer to Begin Again Performance Psychology and Brian’s published book.

(0:29:21) – Playful Humans (1 Minute)
Brian Hyde, a prolific stuntman, shares insights from his book “Begin Again” and explores the importance of playfulness in our lives. Discover your playful personality at playfulhumans.com and engage in team-building events, game shows, and fun keynote speeches. Live in the moment and make the most of today.