You need 5 CCs of Play stat!

It’s time to rediscover the power of play for greater Connections, Culture, Creativity, Conditioning, and Confidence!

Play – /plā/ verb: Engaging in an autotelic activity that is freely chosen, challenging, requires your full focus on the present moment, and generates feelings of joy, wonder, and self-actualization.

In our modern technologically advanced society, we need to go back to doing what we do best as humans, building connections between people, ideas, and things that computers can’t see. If we can program a robot or a machine to do a task, then we don’t need a human. If it requires emotional insight, empathy, creativity, or imagination, then it is up to us!

Are you creating more than you are consuming? If we are only consumers and not creators, then we are not bringing our full selves to life, and we will never feel valued and fulfilled. Consuming content, doom scrolling on social, and getting meals delivered will only lead to fat bellies and empty souls. Instead, if we write, record, and make content, we learn, lead, and bring value to the world. When we make dinner with our family, we spend quality time, use quality ingredients, and balance our diets and energy levels. When we go outside and play with our friends instead of double-clicking on their curated family photos on Insta, we create connections and real relationships!

Become a Playful Human!

It is time to optimize our education, work, and life around play so that we can rediscover how to color outside the lines and make something new and unique. We need to encourage ourselves, our children, and our friends to express more of their playful humanity. The playful nature we were born with is exactly what we can’t get from technology. It is what we need now, more than ever, to fix the damage done to our planet, our society, and its people.

I believe we need more people, systems, and organizations to realize that the game of life has changed, again. 100 years ago, we needed people to be machines in the industrial economy. We set up schools to programmatically remove individuality, play, and creativity so that we could have a population who could follow instructions and keep assembly lines moving efficiently. However, we now have computers and machines to do that work. Machines don’t get bored, burn out, and languish in repetitive jobs. Humans are. Depression, suicide, and other signs of poor mental and physical health are sky-rocketing, especially since 2020! There is a cure, though…

Playful Humans are more likely to:

  1. Make emotional human Connections with others
  2. Empower a positive workplace and societal Culture and playful environment
  3. Innovate and problem-solve with higher levels of Creativity
  4. Become more healthy and resilient through physical and mental Conditioning
  5. Develop Confidence and self-esteem to get outside their comfort zones and improvise in uncertain situations

Our mission at Playful Humans is to remind adults about the power of play through our podcast and community. We want to create a safe space to play, give you ideas and inspiration for how to play, and give you permission and confidence to reframe your attitude toward your work and play.

We need you to come out and play!

A great way to get started is to take our playful personality quiz and uncover your inner child’s favorite way to play.

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Who else in our society is encouraging you to play, fall in love, and find joy on your own terms? Please share your ideas for inspiring more playful humans in the comments below.