Mike Montague on the Talk to People Podcast

When I was a kid, I remember how my friends and I would spend the entire day playing, without a care in the world. Fast forward to today, it feels like we’ve lost that sense of play – exchanged for screens and passive activities. Together with our multifaceted guest, we’ll tackle the pressing issue of technology’s impact on human connection and the significance of rekindling our playful spirit.

We’ll unravel how artificial intelligence and social media can both enhance and diminish the quality of human conversations. We’ll share some thought-provoking insights on how to navigate this digital age without losing our innate need for genuine relationships. We also unpack the forgotten value of active play as a stress reliever and a means of self-care. From rock climbing to painting, we’ll dive into how these activities can reboot our minds and bodies. Mike shares how we can strike a healthy balance between work and play.

We discuss the bumpy ride of success, featuring the dramatic tale of our founder, Mike Montague, getting fired onstage by Billy Idol. We’ll explore how such failures, though bitter, can serve as stepping stones towards success. Listen in as we discuss the role of social media in our lives and how we can avoid its trap, substituting it with real play and human connection. Finally, we’ll share a hilarious bra and hat joke, underlining the significance of humor and the right attitude in our lives. So, tune in, laugh, learn, and start rekindling your playful spirit!

(0:00:09) – Tech and Human Connection Intersection Exploration (7 Minutes)

We explore the power of humans in the world of AI. We learn about the importance of communication skills and how the power of business psychology and entertainment can be combined to create something new. We also discuss the difficulty of getting good video footage and why green screens don’t always work, as well as the story of how the host’s interest in technology and entertainment developed from a young age.

(0:06:55) – Technology’s Impact on Human Connections (12 Minutes)

We discuss how technology – from AI to social media – can be both an asset and a hindrance when it comes to communication. We examine our reliance on technology and how it can lead to a decrease in the quality of conversations. We also explore how it can be used to supplement, rather than replace, face-to-face relationships. Additionally, we look at the impact of hormones released during meaningful conversations and how AI can be used to supplement rather than replace meaningful conversations.

(0:18:40) – Importance of Play in Society (14 Minutes)

We explore how society has replaced real play and human connection with fake play and numbing substances like alcohol. We discuss how play for adults has been commoditized and replaced with activities like watching television and drinking. We examine how active play such as rock climbing or painting can help recharge our minds and bodies. We also discuss how certain activities are marketed to us and the importance of finding ways to lower stress and do something for ourselves. Finally, we talk about how to find your playful personality and how to engage in a play state with other people.

(0:32:19) – Podcasting and Personal Growth (9 Minutes)

We investigate the power of multitasking and how to be productive while managing multiple roles. We learn how Mike has been successful in balancing multiple jobs throughout his adult life and why he decided to create a new podcast. We discuss the importance of energy management over time management and how to create a balance between work and play.

(0:41:14) – Being Fired by Billy Idol (14 Minutes)

Through the story of getting fired on stage by Billy Idol, we discuss the importance of being able to handle failure and use it to build up our confidence. We learn how failing spectacularly can equip us with the mental and physical fortitude to be more creative and overcome obstacles, and how wins alone cannot provide us with the same kind of confidence.

(0:55:25) – Importance of Play, Avoiding Social Media (14 Minutes)

We examine the impact of social media on our lives and relationships. We look at the effects of using social media instead of other forms of communication, and how it can cause loneliness or an increased sense of loneliness. We also discuss the idea of substituting real play and human connection with fake play and numbing substances. Lastly, we explore how to use failure to build confidence and resilience.

(1:09:03) – Time Management, Self-Discovery, and Playfulness (10 Minutes)

We explore the importance of recognizing our strengths, and how understanding our own journey of growth can help us become more successful and fulfilled. Drawing on his own experiences, we hear how the speaker embraced the power of play, and how his childhood and college years shaped his understanding of happiness. We also examine the impact of the Arbinger Institute’s book ‘Leadership and Self-deception’ on the speaker’s life, and how it has helped him to embrace change and new possibilities. Finally, we consider the importance of finding moments of joy in our lives, and how we can use these to unlock our potential.