Playful Productivity and Injecting Joy into Professional Development

Ever wondered how a kid with a tape recorder could end up energizing the corporate world with the spirit of play? Join Tiberius Boy and the effervescent Mike Montague, the brains behind Playful Humans, as they take us on a journey filled with fun, games, and professional twists. Mike’s move from childhood audio experiments to orchestrating vibrant virtual game shows for the likes of Google and Meta showcases the inextricable link between play and professional development, particularly within sales teams.

As we pull back the curtain on the pressures of professional life, I spill the secrets behind my personal five-part strategy rooted in play, performance, pause, ponder, and practice. It’s about striking that elusive balance to avoid burnout and finding fulfillment in the little things. With anecdotes from my DJ days and insights into sales training, the conversation sets the stage for lasting impressions and the art of creating moments that resonate well beyond the here and now.

The episode draws to a close with a charming stroll down memory lane, in our Math Corners segment with Tiberius, as we crunch numbers and reminisce about the sweetness of lemonade and cookie sales. But it’s not all fun and games; we also reflect on the gravity of integrity and the magic of maintaining a youthful zest for life. Step into our playful realm on the Tiberius Show, and be a part of the lively tapestry that our incredible listeners and team weave together.

  • (00:07) Interview with a Game Show Host
  • (10:36) Avoiding Burnout and Finding Balance
  • (15:10) Following Passion, Having Fun
  • (23:10) Math Corners and Nobility
  • (29:15) Promoting the Show on YouTube

How did you become a gameshow host for Google and Subway? When did you decide to turn running a gameshow into a business? What kind of games do you play? Why is it good for adults to be playful humans? Do you have to have a lot of training? How do you get people to play when they are busy? All these questions and so much more will be answered by Gameshow host and Sales Trainer Mike Montague.