From Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog to Stand-Up Comedy, Marlene Sharp Shares Her Story

Ready to ignite your creative side and inject some playfulness into your adulthood? Join us as we meet the dynamic Marlene Sharp from Pink Poodle Productions to explore the exciting world of standup comedy and merchandise-driven entertainment. With her unique experience of performing in LA and working alongside industry giants like Sega and Disney, Marlene sheds light on the challenges she faced, the striking audience that admired her humor, and the journey that led her to embrace playfulness in her career.

Journey with us into the vibrant realm of toy movies as Marlene unlocks the secrets to success in the industry. With her extensive background, Marlene shares how the power of play is instrumental in fostering adult creativity. But that’s not all, we also venture into the gripping world of true crime podcasts. Discover the captivating role of investigative journalism and hear Marlene’s insightful advice for aspiring podcasters. As we navigate through these diverse subjects, Marlene enlightens us on humor as an essential tool for managing business, building relationships, and dealing with life’s challenges.

As we wrap up our intriguing chat, we delve into the Pink Poodle Productions’ mission that revolves around the transformative power of play and the courage to step out of our comfort zones. Let Marlene inspire you to rediscover your playful side, understand the importance of finding the right audience for your humor, and stay tuned for more from Pink Poodle Productions. So, if you’re ready to laugh, learn, and play, this is the episode for you!

(0:00:17) – Playful Humans Podcast With Marlene Sharp (12 Minutes)

We talk to Marlene Sharp from Pink Poodle Productions about playing for a living and how to help adults rediscover the power of play. Marlene shares her experience of doing standup comedy in LA and the challenge of performing in alcohol-serving venues. We also learn about Marlene’s background in merchandise-driven entertainment, working with companies like Sega, Disney, Level 5, and Bandai. We also hear the joke of the week and the importance of finding the right audience for your humour.

(0:12:39) – Imagination, Toys, and True Crime Podcasts (7 Minutes)

Marlene Sharp from Pink Poodle Productions chats about the importance of play for adults and how it can help us rediscover our creativity. Marlene shares her experience in the toy industry and offers insight on the qualities that make a good toy movie. We also discuss the power of true crime podcasts and the role of investigative journalism.

(0:19:32) – Humor and Playfulness in Adulthood (9 Minutes)

Marlene Sharp from Pink Poodle Productions and I explore the power of play and creativity as an adult and why it’s important to not take ourselves too seriously. Marlene shares her thoughts on why it’s important to use humor to manage a business, how it can help build relationships and why she would rather roll the dice with humor than be serious in certain situations. We also chat about the risk associated with certain podcasts, the difference between toxic positivity and humor, and I challenge Marlene with an awkward question.

(0:28:10) – Introducing Pink Poodle Productions (1 Minutes)

We wrap up our conversation with Marlene Sharp from Pink Poodle Productions by talking about the importance of play in our lives and how it can help us get out of our comfort zones. Marlene shares her advice for those looking to make their own true crime podcast, and we remind listeners to take our quiz at We also encourage listeners to leave us a five-star review on iTunes or wherever they are listening or watching. {We thank Marlene for being on the show and remind listeners to be on high alert for Pink Poodle Productions.}