Unlocking the Treasure Chest that Is Your Full Self with Rachel Awes

Embracing Playfulness and Authenticity: A Conversation with a Psychologist about Self-Expressive Healing and Breaking Free from Conformity

Imagine wearing your brightest colors and stepping into the world with your authentic self. Is it terrifying or exhilarating? For Rachel Awes, our guest and psychologist, it’s a mixture of both. We start off by discussing how she found her true self, stopped conforming to professional norms, and embraced her colorful personality. Along the way, we also shed light on the power of being unique and how it attracts positive attention.

Have you ever thought about the profound role of play and imagination in maintaining good mental health? We have, and so has Rachel. We explore how play and imagination can become a source of hope and optimism, especially in challenging situations. Drawing upon Victor Frankel’s research, we delve into the power of visualizing a future, even in the face of trauma. Rachel opens up about her creative endeavors and the joy they bring, and we discuss the importance of creating a relaxing and expressive space for oneself.

Lastly, we challenge each other with tasks from the ever-entertaining “Do Something Fun Deck”. Step outside your comfort zone with us as Rachel shows off her singing, Mike shows off his cha-cha moves and cracks his favorite joke. We talk about how playfulness can help reduce stress and invite authenticity.

(0:00:23) – Embracing Playfulness and Authenticity
Mike and Rachel discuss living authentically, expressing true self, being unique, and finding joy in self-expression.

(0:09:30) – Authentic Expression and Playfulness in Adulthood
Mike and Rachel discuss finding and expressing unique selves, art-inspiring clothing choices, a playground as a safe space, and happiness and healthiness as an adult.

(0:14:57) – Play and Imagination in Mental Health
Mike and Rachel explore play, imagination, Victor Frankel’s research, and three visions of people’s futures for being happy and healthy.

(0:20:26) – Finding Joy in Creating and Connecting
Rachel and Mike explore joy, creativity, play, and nature’s role in being present.

(0:26:19) – Do Something Fun Deck Challenges
Mike and Rachel take turns doing fun activities in a comfort zone challenge game.

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