Unlocking Your Creative Writing Talent with Julia Roberts, Author of Write Without The Fight

Julia Roberts is a speaker and creativity coach dealing with writer’s block. She is the author of Write Without The Fight. She is a lifelong writer, jokester, creativity expert, and relentless optimist – dedicated to helping writers decode their creative process so they can write with more ease and satisfaction. She has written four books, done TedX talks, and has a Master’s Degree in the Science of Creativity.

Writers are cool theorists and mind-changers. You are smart and curious by nature. You are often funny and fluid thinkers. You are weird, creative, rebellious, thick-skinned, and honest. And you’re empathetic – you can’t write without empathy for your reader. You are Playful Humans, and you have our attention and our hearts.

Find Julia Roberts at https://www.decodingcreativity.com/

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