Be BoredLess: Unlocking the Power of Play for Professionals with Acey Holmes

Acey Holmes has been playing in her education and career for two decades.  She believes that our personal and professional lives can be improved with one simple priority: PLAY.  Stop being bored, come play with us!

She spent much of her professional life helping children of all abilities communicate (mostly through play!). With a cliche pandemic pivot away from pediatrics to adults, she now focuses on bringing play to adults through consulting and facilitation all based in the neuroscience of play. Her fun and fully interactive workshops cover topics such as “The Power of Play at Work”, “The Neuroscience of Play”, and “Personal Play Identities”. She facilitates Failure Awards for organizations and provides strategic conference scheduling play breaks to improve the attendee and presenter experience.

When she’s not convincing adults to play, you can find her on a bike, skis, or in hiking boots on the side of a mountain somewhere! But it is probably easier to find Acey Holmes at

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