Laughing Our Way Through Life: Stay-At-Home Instagram Comedian and Author, Kelly Bandas

Kelly Bandas is a writer and comedian best known for her popular Instagram and TikTok videos satirizing everything from millennial motherhood to social media culture. Whether she’s hosting her not-at-all Outlander support group or speaking up about things that really matter, Kelly’s mission is to always empower and lift up other women through community, inclusivity and laughter. For her comedy videos, head over to her Instagram or TikTok!

She is the author of Rookie Mistakes: A Grown-Up’s Field Guide for Getting Your Act Together. In her highly anticipated nonfiction debut, comedian Kelly Bandas uses her trademark humor to recount stories of growing up and becoming a semifunctional adult in a dysfunctional world. Kelly shares everything from laugh-out-loud accounts of Oregon Trail-themed first kisses to heartfelt insights gleaned from navigating life as a Christian feminist doing her best not to screw up being a parent of a child with a disability, in a trans-racial family.

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