Mike Montague appears on the Attention to Intention Podcast with Megan Miller

Redefining Success: A Conversation on Pursuing Joy and Managing Expectations

Ever thought about the pressure of relentlessly striving for success and its impact on your mental health? Wondered about the importance of finding joy in the seemingly small things in life? Well, join us in a heartfelt conversation with Megan Miller, as we share our personal journeys of coping with this struggle and move from a space of constant expectation to simple appreciation. We unravel the complexity of joy, discuss the importance of rest, and the courage it takes to momentarily step away from the hustle of life, reminding ourselves that we don’t always have to be at the peak of our game.

Success, a term often draped in ambiguity, can sometimes be an overwhelming concept. We invite you to join us as we delve into the pursuit of passion, the discovery of purpose, and the recognition of activities that do not feel like work. Together, we challenge societal norms that have conditioned us to prioritize certain metrics of success over our happiness and fulfillment. We explore the potential changes in purpose throughout our lives and discuss strategies to navigate these changes gracefully and with ease.

Coming to one of the most important aspects of our lives, personal joy and happiness, we argue that focusing on these elements attracts more individuals and opportunities, leading to a more genuine success. We discuss identifying personal benchmarks for success and happiness, and the importance of breaks and activities that bring joy and balance. Furthermore, we explore the concept of digital detox with the help of the innovative product, Light Phone, and how it can aid in breaking away from our overachieving habits. So, let’s embark on this journey of seeking joy, managing expectations, and acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses together!

(0:00:03) – Celebrating Small Steps, Authentic People
(0:14:04) – Navigating Success and Finding Joy
(0:25:33) – Finding Purpose Through Play and Flexibility
(0:31:35) – Find and Prioritize Fun and Happiness
(0:34:56) – Finding Joy and Balancing Priorities
(0:46:37) – Trail Mix, Costco, Smoothies, and Opinions
(0:53:03) – Bringing Fun Into the Workplace
(1:04:30) – Sharing and Investing in Yourself

Let’s talk about the importance of taking time to invest in ourselves and how to find happiness and purpose in life without succumbing to the pressure to overachieve. We also discuss how to bring fun and playfulness into the workplace, from creating a space between meetings to introducing a question of the week. Finally, we examine the power of sharing content and how this can be beneficial for our community.

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